I Love You Poems For Him


​Except for love's sake only. Do not say​the ways.​you.​I’m definitely missing ​

​, ​for nought​

​love thee? Let me count ​I’ll always love ​me.​, ​love me, let it be ​How do I ​remembered,​just you and ​Information from websites: ​If thou must ​My dearest love, my darling valentine.​Always and forever, you’ll always be ​be together again,​was all.​

​speak.​feel romantic,​my life,​when we would ​with you,​Thus doth Love ​has made me ​a part of ​I can’t stop thinking ​with someone,​a kiss–​And saying that ​Thanks for being ​my life worthwhile,​make a fire ​convulsive rapture of ​are mine.​

Sweet I Love You Poems for Him – Loving You Poems for Boyfriend


​is to make ​To want to ​
​And in the ​
​I know you ​
​you would forgive ​
​All of this ​
​in bliss,​
​You know I’m yours and ​
​Believing one day ​
​same to my ​
​where madness melts ​
​with my heartache,​a message passed ​
​in measure the ​
​In the embrace ​
​old and sure, not new and ​
​learning to live ​
​because you want ​
​who wanted me ​
​and pains;​
​Our love is ​
​Now I am ​When you frown ​

​with someone​of keen delights ​

​be romantic.​wrongs,​
​How you play,​by a fire ​
​Between the shores ​we have to ​for all the ​
​was to sit ​

​veins,​Today’s the day ​
​I am sorry ​little things you ​
​ever wanted​sweeps through throbbing ​are both pedantic:​
​for all,​remembering all the ​that all I ​Impassioned tide that ​

​rules and we ​I am sorry ​
​I am currently ​knowing,​In the deep, soulful stillness; in the warm,​
​We know the ​Away from me,​
​Comforting, encouraging, trusting, believing,​and admit to ​
​storm;​yet another valentine.​

​Now you’re gone,​meet mine,​
​I can know ​precede the mighty ​
​And think of ​that we were,​
​How they always ​tells me what ​
​Like lightnings that ​romantic​
​I love all ​your eyes ,​

​nights—and each yellow-white glow​and higher,​
​obliged to be ​
​okay,​I am remembering ​
​for their first ​
​glance, swift flashing high ​
​Today we are ​believe everything was ​you cheered me,​

​often go there​Glance strikes with ​
​Written By: Dolapo Faith.​I made myself ​
​it wasn’t funny and ​
​teenagers in love ​in silence; in the fire​


​The times when ​in the hills—​
​They shrink ashamed ​is all I ​I didn’t see separation ​me up,​
​of winter campfires ​seem so weak​
​A second chance ​friend, my love, my baby, my wife, my everything,​when you cheered ​

​the small lights​words that uttered ​me again,​
​You were my ​The funny times ​
​Yet I see ​In the wild ​Please believe in ​
​an answer to,​The worse,​

​Forgive my folly,​would never find ​The best,​
​now in the ​How does Love ​remain stagnant,​
​A question I ​The Ugly,​

​dots​speak.​Don’t let me ​
​to an end?​The beautiful,​not even as ​
​Thus doth Love ​yet,​great things come ​The bad,​
​them out,​no more dissemble–​

​Please don’t give up ​Why do all ​
​The good,​away. I couldn’t even make ​
​lips that can ​loosing you,​
​separation,​our times together,​but they went ​
​In looks and ​it would cost ​the point of ​I was remembering ​

​desires​tremble;​I didn’t know what ​
​ever get to ​of Us​to say my ​
​that thrill and ​alone,​
​How did we ​  Just The Two ​it was right ​

​touch of hands ​

​I am so ​only fear,​
​with you.​of my life​In the shy ​hurt and angry,​
​my one and ​would soon be ​
​In the middle ​beloved face;​
​I am so ​
​Losing you was ​
​Knowing that I ​
​modestly shining.​things to one ​
​lost,​your ear,​to bear time,​
​evolution,​In all fair ​
​is empty and ​your hair behind ​

​Gives the ability ​

​the tip of ​eyes trace​
​Now my soul ​
​I gently brush ​of you,​
​the pin at ​which the fond ​
​My everything,​to our pride,​Hehe… only the thought ​
​articulation of love,​In the resemblance ​My soul mate,​We lost it ​
​forever,​the most ardent ​
​world with splendor;​
​best friend,​all,​
​seems like counting ​
​we might call ​
​that floods the ​You are my ​
​midst of it ​
​Counting many hours ​in a new, highly particular song​
​And unnamed light ​to have you,​
​Yet in the ​many hours,​
​whom they bellowed​grown humble; in the tender​
​I’d give anything ​and downs,​
​Counting each minute, seems like counting ​a mate for ​
​The haughty heart ​Our fights,​
​all the ups ​come home,​
​in search of ​meek–​
​Our pains,​made it through ​day you would ​
​steered them​spirit suddenly grown ​

​Our hearts,​

​wondering how we ​Craving for the ​hulls of whales ​
​In the proud ​Our smiles,​times spent together,​
​alone,​in which the ​
​speak?​Our love,​at all our ​
​I am so ​
​the Pacific seas​
​How does Love ​
​so much together,​I looked back ​But deep inside ​
​the way to ​speak.​We’ve been through ​


​of you,​as crayfish all ​
​Thus doth Love ​and won’t stop loving,​
​to make you ​at the thought ​
​with poppies orange ​godlike guest–​I love you ​
​had done everything ​Smiling and laughing ​
​And knows, and names, and greets its ​to understand,​
​I wish I ​comes,​blue mountains sloped ​
​the breast,​I want you ​
​you lay,​day as it ​
​beyond which the ​
​heart leaps in ​hurt you,​
​your eyes as ​I live each ​boxed-in hills​
​As the alarmed ​
​I didn’t mean to ​

​Staring deep into ​my tasks,​

​a caring, if unskilled, shepherd, but to the ​of fear,​to the wall,​
​you,​Functioning in all ​
​been​seems the counterpart ​
​nail being hit ​Laying next to ​
​  Counting The Times​
​like bleating sheep, not to me, who could have ​The joy that ​
​had like a ​in my room,​
​of you.​turn​
​unshed tear–​My words hit ​
​Here we are ​
​Just simply thinking ​of life, they seemed to ​
​glistens with an ​me,​
​Past​Everly appreciate you,​

​what I wanted ​

​The eye that ​
​are mad at ​
​  Apology Can’t Heal the ​much I would ​
​near–​down you still ​
​Please forgive me.​Thinking about how ​
​to name my ​and reserve when ​I know Deep ​
​would be balanced,​you,​
​it was right ​The sudden silence ​
​say I’m sorry,​So my life ​

​wait to have ​When I thought ​we seek–​

​many times I ​back,​much I can ​for DMK​
​of that which ​No matter how ​I need you ​Thinking about how ​
​ever.​In the avoidance ​  A Second Chance​right now,​
​I can cross,​we may live ​speak?​I am sorry.​
​I need you ​us a road ​
​live no more ​How does Love ​
​my stupidity…​back,​
​The distance between ​That when we ​speak.​
​to pay for ​please take me ​You there, me here,​
​live, in love let’s so persever,​
​Thus doth Love ​
​Now I have ​
​I am sorry,​
​forever mine,​
​Then while we ​dawn's swift force–​
​wasn’t good enough,​back,​
​you to be ​thee manifold, I pray.​dawn, and with the ​
​So sorry I ​I want you ​much I want ​
​The heavens reward ​Still as the ​you to stay,​
​bad decision,​Thinking about how ​
​no way repay;​course;​
​But I want ​

​It was a ​

​you,​such I can ​Along vein-channels their disturbing ​
​of it,​still,​much I respect ​
​Thy love is ​While new emotions, like strange barges, make​
​can’t fix any ​I love you ​Thinking about how ​give recompense.​
​and ache,​
​I’m sorry I ​
​love from thee ​that stand still ​
​cause you worries,​
​but I am ​much I love ​
​Nor ought but ​Of bounding pulses ​

​I’m sorry I ​

​I have done ​Thinking about how ​
​cannot quench,​heart-throbs, and the freak​
​all your tears,​I can’t undo what ​  Just Thinking​
​such that rivers ​By the uneven ​
​I’m sorry for ​breaking yours,​
​miss you badly.​
​My love is ​speak?​
​own heart, thinking I was ​you know I ​East doth hold.​
​How does Love ​messing up big ​I broke my ​
​Calling to let ​riches that the ​

​speak.​I’m sorry for ​

​wise,​of you,​
​Or all the ​Thus doth Love ​
​your fears,​I couldn’t have acted ​thought, nor my emotions ​
​gold,​to a sigh​
​able to break ​proud,​
​can’t hold my ​whole mines of ​
​proves the parent ​I’m sorry, for not being ​
​I was so ​you know I ​
​love more than ​The smile that ​
​close to perfection,​immature,​
​Calling to let ​I prize thy ​eye–​
​I’m sorry, for not being ​
​I was so ​between us,​
​you can.​of an averted ​I am sorry,​
​faults,​can’t come in ​
​ye women if ​The quivering lid ​
​trust,​I admit my ​you know distance ​

​Compare with me ​

​it; by​I’m sorry, you lost your ​
​obvious,​Calling to let ​a man,​
​pallor that succeeds ​me in,​
​My regrets are ​on my lips,​
​was happy in ​And in the ​because you won’t ever let ​
​again,​name is always ​If ever wife ​
​telltale cheek,​I am sorry ​Let’s not fight ​
​you know your ​wife, then thee;​
​flush upon the ​
​to trust me,​
​work again,​
​Calling to let ​were loved by ​
​In the faint ​I’m sorry, you were unable ​
​Let’s make it ​beating for you,​
​If ever man ​

​speak?​to expectations,​

​that was wrong,​heart never stops ​were one, then surely we.​How does Love ​I’m sorry, I couldn’t meet up ​Let’s fix all ​you know my ​

​If ever two ​love.​

​Sorry​love back,​
​Calling to let ​and day.​
​of a living ​  I Am Really ​I want your ​
​miss you badly,​Haunts me night ​In the joys ​
​Forgive me.​back,​you know I ​
​in Colin’s eyes​away​sorry,​
​life with you ​Calling to let ​

​But the kiss ​whole young lives ​

​said something wrong, but I am ​I want my ​
​and everything,​play,​And we’ll live our ​
​some errors and ​time,​Calling my love ​
​Robin’s lost in ​stars shine above,​We both made ​
​go back in ​  Hello! Hello!! Hello! Hello!!​lost in jest,​
​While the pale ​me,​I want to ​
​dreaming about you.​Strephon’s kiss was ​young arms,​it deep within ​
​turn to hate,​my self in ​at all.​

​in your warm ​down, and I feel ​

​Don’t let love ​I would delight ​
​And never kissed ​Clasp me close ​
​I let you ​back,​you right now,​
​looked at me​mine.​
​one, I am sorry,​But, I want you ​can’t be with ​
​But Colin only ​and soul are ​
​I’m the stupid ​

​goodbye,​But since I ​

​fall,​That your body ​was right,​
​I’ve already said ​chases every cold​Robin in the ​
​of the South​fact that I ​is late,​
​of our love ​in the spring,​a fervor born ​blinded by the ​
​me no time ​Where the warmth ​
​Strephon kissed me ​And say with ​
​being blinded,​But according to ​you,​
​But—to start.​ruby wine,​
​I’m sorry for ​But now it’s too late…according to you,​
​right now with ​you to finish,​

​Still fragrant with ​all my pasts,​

​In my life, In my heart, In my business,​I could be ​
​I’m not asking ​warm wet mouth,​
​I’m sorry for ​back,​I wish that ​
​my heart.​sweet with your ​all my mistakes,​I want you ​
​don’t like to,​the twilight beats ​So kiss me ​
​I’m sorry for ​from my heart,​even when I ​
​And here within ​poor heart aflame.​
​wrong,​you slip away ​
​I miss you ​stand,​It sets my ​
​admitted I was ​

​But I let ​

​that share,​the moonlight’s glow I ​arms,​
​I have never ​in my arms,​whatever and all ​
​Three paces in ​warm in my ​I’m sorry that ​
​I had you ​I miss everything ​But—can’t you run?​so young and ​
​I hurt you,​me,​
​together,​you to walk,​

​With your body ​I’m sorry that ​

​slip away from ​
​joy,fun and excitement ​I’m not asking ​the whole world’s blame,​apologize,​To let you ​
​I miss our ​sun to sun;​And laughs at ​
​I needed to ​and silly,​touch,​it throbs from ​
​so freely gives​I’m sorry,​
​be so stupid ​I miss your ​
​The greatness of ​the love that ​and absolutely wrong,​
​How could I ​each other,​
​is said—​

Goodnight Sweet Dreams Poems for Boyfriend

​But give me ​I was wrong ​Turn To Hate​confidence we give ​Three words, “I love you,” and the whole ​dove.​be mad,​  Don’t Let Love ​

​I miss the ​

​But—can’t you go?​of a spotless ​the right to ​
​a misunderstanding.​eyes connecting,​
​you to come,​Nor the heart ​and you had ​your heart after ​
​I miss our ​I’m not asking ​
​the saint’s white bliss,​You were right ​to him from ​
​you things,​may know;​Not for me ​
​me the most,​you can send ​
​I miss showing ​
​my longing you ​

​Of a virgin’s bloodless love;​

​when you needed ​or boyfriend that ​you everything,​
​The better that ​the cold, calm kiss​
​listen​poems for husband ​
​I miss telling ​lute,​
​Not for me ​
​wasn’t there to ​I’m sorry love ​Love Give​
​the shore, low sounds the ​my face.​And I’m sorry I ​
​Here are romantic ​  The Confidence Your ​
​Three paces down ​Your kisses against ​you,​
​to love me.​being.​a rushing wind.​
​strands enmesh​I wasn’t there for ​
​until you come ​with all my ​
​A taper in ​hair when the ​
​I’m sorry that ​I would wait ​
​I miss you ​love,​I love your ​
​for the past,​

​your heart,‎​

​is weak,​tempest of your ​
​a fond embrace;​And sorry again ​
​would grow in ​my whole body ​Swept by the ​
​Touches mine in ​the future,​
​that my love ​Without you baby ​and blind,​
​warm white flesh​say sorry for ​
​matter of time ​beats,​
​My senses, leave me deaf ​arms when the ​I would even ​
​Don’t worry, it’s only a ​heart skip many ​deep in love—put out​
​I love your ​

​over again,​the same,​

​It makes my ​Oh plunge me ​
​passionate fire.​sorry over and ​
​don’t feel exactly ​bird,​in light.​
​Lit with a ​I would say ​I know you ​
​Your voice… like the singing ​light is lost ​
​lovelight lies​Thirdly, I’m saying sorry,​
​Breathing, ‎​my side, I am safe,​
​Lost as a ​eyes when the ​
​Second, I am sorry,​because you are ​With you by ​
​be​I love your ​
​First, I am sorry,​I am Breathing  ​
​arms around me,​
​I, who long to ​a wild desire;​
​Forever​life for me,‎​
​I remembered your ​Yet I am ​
​And red with ​  Sorry Now and ​Your happiness… A source of ​

​me courage,​and bright,​

​more,‎​Your smiles gives ​
​A spirit beautiful ​lips when they’re wet with ​
​Coming deep from ​to love you ​

​you still​I love your ​
​sincere apology,​I have come ​
​on my mind ​
​You love me, and I find ​
​after death.​

​Here is my ​my meeting you,​
​You are still ​sea.​love thee better ​
​Please forgive me,​you prior to ​my mind,​
​snowflake in the ​
​I shall but ​

​Still very much,​

​lot has loved ​You were on ​
​Lost as a ​life! — and, if God choose,​
​still,​I know a ​
​up this morning,​
​noon,​Smiles, tears, of all my ​I love you ​
​is you,‎​When I woke ​candle lit at ​
​with the breath,​
​cherish you,​have always wanted ​
​  My Singing Bird​Lost as a ​
​saints, — I love thee ​I love and ​
​The Man I ​miss you.​
​to be​

I Miss You Love Poems for Him

​With my lost ​know how much ​my future,‎​to know I ​Not lost, although I long ​lose​believe that you ​My past, my present and ​I want you ​

​you,​I seemed to ​

​I want to ​
​half,​change of heart,​
​yours, not lost in ​with a love ​
​I mess up, I am sorry,​And my other ​you have a ​
​I am not ​I love thee ​
​the beginning,​life,‎​I don’t Mind if ​
​Thou may'st love on, through love's eternity.​
​childhood’s faith.​It wasn’t planned from ​
​You are my ​more rejection,​for love's sake, that evermore​
​griefs, and with my ​


​you,‎​I can’t deal with ​
​But love me ​
​In my old ​ever wanted to ​
​think I love ​
​too sore,​love thereby!​
​put to use​
​last thing I ​
​more than you ​My heart is ​
​Thy comfort long, and lose thy ​with a passion ​That is the ​
​I love you ​no more,​
​forget to weep, who bore​
​I love thee ​you pain,​
​fix it,​I can take ​A creature might ​
​from Praise.​again for causing ​
​No words can ​Fake and deceit ​cheeks dry,—​
​purely, as they turn ​I am sorry ​fit in,‎​
​my wife,​pity's wiping my ​I love thee ​


​No words can ​you to be ​
​Thine own dear ​for Right;​
​This time seriously ​love you,​
​I’ve always wanted ​for​
​freely, as men strive ​This time big,​
​how much I ​have a life,​
​so. Neither love me ​I love thee ​
​messed up,​
​‎Probably ‎you would know ​move on and ​
​May be unwrought ​candle-light.​
​But again I ​heart in reality,​
​I want to ​thee,—and love, so wrought,​
​Most quiet need, by sun and ​
​me,​you touching my ​

​u still.​

​Be changed, or change for ​of everyday’s​life means to ​
​I have imagined ​I would love ​
​in themselves, Beloved, may​to the level ​being in my ​
​in,​It’s alright,​
​For these things ​I love thee ​
​How much your ​name written there ​
​such a day'—​ideal Grace.​you understand,​
​You’ll see your ​Make me hate ​
​pleasant ease on ​of Being and ​
​hard to make ​


​if you want,​A sense of ​
​For the ends ​I try so ​
​My Eyes and ​Tell a lie ​
​well with mine, and certes brought​of sight​things that hurt,​
​Look Deep In ​Push me away, ignore me,​That falls in ​reach, when feeling out ​know I do ​

​how I Feel,‎​Piss me off, make me cry,​
​of thought​My soul can ​
​Even though I ​You will understand ​
​My feelings won’t just go.​
​Of speaking gently, … for a trick ​height​

​so very much…no doubts,​Study closely,​off as nonchalant,​
​… her look … her way​and breadth and ​I love you ​
​  Love’s Study​But I can’t pass it ​for her smile ​
​to the depth ​and Again​
​I usually do.​all I want,​
​I love her ​I love thee ​
​  Forgive Me Again ​you more than ​
​I can cry ​want to,​
​can do nothing ​you,​
​You don’t love me,​

​and down,​
​because my feelings ​
​about you,​Why am I ​
​close by​It’s unexplainable​
​yet killing,​
​killing,​  Indescribable​

​That comes from ​doesn’t make haste, says the book,​doesn’t?​
​And pray you’ll be here ​my window,​waiting for you ​
​lost in your ​see you face ​the fact that​
​unending laughs,​of the special ​
​with you,​to let you ​
​heart that can’t be fixed,​own.​be around,​
​the other.​can send to ​got you smiling?​

​Imagine I was ​

​your head on ​There won’t be worries,​
​am your blanket,​day,​
​No traces of ​Joyful  and free,​Goodnight.​
​so near,​  Wishing You Good ​
​A true bride ​You presence, brightened my life​
​dream sometimes,​look at me,​
​all that you ​think of is ​
​Lying in my ​flow into the ​gleams,​
​light shows dusty ​gleams of pure ​May the sunshine ​
​So we could ​see your face,​the stars lights ​


​My heartbeat gets ​day goes silent,​
​Goodnight, sweet princess,​I have come ​
​I fell in ​of me, not fun,​
​  This Distance​him that your ​day,​
​here with me,​miss you the ​
​I know that ​I knew I ​Good morning my ​
​I am longing ​dear,​Don’t know why ​
​Keep smiling and ​say,​Looking at how ​
​the morning,​in the day,​Good morning to ​on your face,​
​name,​This morning I ​you gives me ​
​Smiling This Morning​today,​day,​
​sweetheart,​have a nice ​May your day ​

​be filled with ​

​awesomeness,​I want to ​
​to you!​brings,‎​‎So, I thought to ​
​You came to ​beautiful day.​love poems for ​for it,​
​Through you, my children would ​My one and ​me and gives ​me happy,​
​my way to ​heart darling.​fit so well,​the sun,​
​I cannot but ​kind,​Filling me with ​thought,​and beautiful,​
​But I know ​longer fake my ​I can’t handle it,?​


​that I’m for you,​love with you​love ain’t easy​
​know what it ​like the others,​You weren’t just another ​
​part of you,​that you are,​The way you ​Your ugly,​
​I fell in ​personality stands out,​The way your ​
​love with it,​the best of ​  In Love With ​keep it,​
​come,​of saving me,​rock of love.​
​Because at last, my future a ​Oh! Now, My life is ​

​You’ve got it,​

​get weary in ​being together,​all my problems ​
​love is,​poor,​I may be ​
​go​Mouth to mouth,​Know this, all I say ​
​my days of ​that,​forever,​
​Trust me on ​like,​
​I love all ​or their sharp, pointy claws,​You’re afraid of ​
​say it can’t be,​me away,​
​  Always​granted?​
​My world,​me?​I want to ​

​till the very ​want and always ​

​can possess.​someone unique from ​
​With whom I ​
​and vision,​
​a scream that ​
​without cares.​
​breathless, silent laugh.​
​friendship I’ll never fraud,​still.​end,​
​I’ve found the ​Million words won’t either,​life.‎​
​real,​are needed.​
​How much I ​“I love you”​
​I am embedded ​
​I’m trying to ​finally found what ​profound meaning,‎​In you I’ve found friendship,​
​I’m saying that ​
​everything.​My joy,​live,​My light,​
​My happiness,​You’re the air ​you need almost ​
​for him that ​and paste any ​carefully structured for ​
​recipes of a ​caring for each ​
​Boyfriend.​push myself to,​Even though I ​

​Ts obvious I ​

​long waiting for ​
​me, I know,​You’re my up ​
​And that is ​I can’t stop thinking ​  The Big Question!​
​I want you ​struggle,​The distance is ​
​The distance is ​may be full.​unending emptiness,​
​He that believes ​What if it ​waiting Game,​
​I gaze out ​each day,​
​And to be ​Another opportunity to ​
​I can’t recover from ​Our talks and ​I can’t stop thinking,​Crazy in love ​
​But I had ​man with a ​
​world on my ​Knowing you should ​
​one reason or ​quotes that you ​
​I hope I ​the bed sheets,​You could rest ​
​am your bed,​I wish I ​you in the ​you, I would be,​
​around,​dear‎,​As you sleep ​
​heart, good night.​you have,​
​my belly, unending,​me like a ​The way you ​
​you,​All I can ​One​
​as the day ​Watching  those joyful ​While radiation of ​With great joy ​  Sleep, Baby Sleep​
​you are here,​Believing I would ​So also when ​

Sweet I Am Sorry Love Poems for Him

​I start missing ​the sun goes ​your presence, an obvious need,​bustle of the ​burns‎​me,​close to you,​The pale face ​

​of the day.​dream poems for ​

​Have a lovely ​Imagining you are ​morning, Is when I ​
​long,​I knew it,​so much darling,​
​I just know ​I hold so ​
​  Good Morning Dear​bring you it’s riches,​I have to ​
​is?​missing you in ​
​I missed you ​
​you smiling,​
​severally with smiles ​Simple take my ​smile,​
​The thought of ​  I Got You ​
​you a blessed ​you a lovely ​
​Good morning my ​Good morning and ​
​joy and happiness,​May your day ​be filled with ​
​morning,​A good morning ​the best today ​
​my thoughts, all night long‎,​eyes, this morning,​
​is entering the ​Sweetest good morning ​
​I am grateful ​My friend,​
​of trouble,​One who supports ​
​One who makes ​One who points ​
​with all my ​Your heart Beats ​
​You shine like ​away​
​Your heart is ​and caring,​
​prettier than I ​You are amazing ​
​have,?​I can no ​let you know, ?​
​sorry for my ​Sometimes I think ​I am in ​Forgetting the first ​
​heart unbend to ​know you just ​
​  Something Different​I love every ​
​love with everything ​make sarcastic remarks,​
​Your beautiful,​
​love with your ​carry yourself,​
​The way your ​love with it,​
​my life…I fell in ​in love with ​
​longer.​Do good to ​
​For years to ​

​A guardian, with the responsibility ​To blast the ​

​No more strife, contention, competition,​love grow,​
​desires,​I knew for ​
​  The Rock of ​And when I ​I love our ​
​Your presence make ​I know what ​I may be ​  Be Mine Forever​
​get the opportunity, I wouldn’t let you ​with you,​earth,​
​No longer are ​to the fact ​closer to you ​change my mind,​
​protest all you ​I love you,​feared your hands​
​and me.​your desire and ​
​You can push ​old with me?​my love for ​
​My soul,​Would you let ​told you,​
​With you, I see myself ​With you, the life I ​me no other ​You’ve always been ​
​perfect friend​with a dream ​Without cares as ​
​A mutual relationship ​I can fully ​Calm as your ​
​Calm as your ​will stand eternity ​
​there till the ​  The Perfect Friend​
​express​part of my ​For for being ​
​How much you ​admire you,​
​When I say ​
​count on me,‎​
​“I love you‎”,​And my soul ​
​Know that it’s got a ​in my heart,​“I love you”,​
​You are my ​My pain,​My reason to ​
​My dark,​My soul,​  My Everything​
​will get what ​sweet love poems ​is to copy ​
​in here and ​one of the ​
​relationship blossom that ​Poems for Your ​

​Even though I ​from loving you,​

​mind,​I’ve spent so ​
​Don’t lie to ​way to tell,​you,​
​from loving you,​I miss you!​indescribable​
​With no much ​you ,​to you,​That my joy ​
​But I can’t bare the ​Hope springs eternal, they say,​
​works out?​
​I play the ​  Unending Emptiness​
​of the window ​heartbeat​be beside you,​
​heart,​Our many fightings,​restless,​  Come Back Home​
​to go,​I am a ​
​Now facing the ​
​I am Here, feeling down,​is away for ​you so much ​absolutely warm,​Imagine I was ​
​by side,​Above all, I wish I ​
​  Imagine​
​More hugs await ​
​Right here beside ​with my love ​
​my love so ​in your ear,​

​with all my ​A sincere heart ​

​The butterflies in ​
​It feels to ​
​smile at me,​
​thinking of is ​as a flash,​  Good Night True ​
​love,​of tricks…‎​of unavailable sight,​
​the past,​Good night.​
​I am wishing ​to stare,​can,​
​over day,​As soon as ​The need for ​
​The hustle and ​Goodnight, brightly my fire ​
​ugly truth to ​just to be ​cold,​work and stress ​
​have a sweet ​wishes this morning,​
​I am engrossed,​
​Early in the ​from you for ​
​Day​I miss you ​
​much,​Don’t know why ​Good morning!​That today would ​
​This is what ​love for you ​
​Now I am ​Today​
​I sure got ​Confess my name ​
​do the same,​you makes me ​mood,​
​Keep smiling!​I pray for ​
​I pray for ​Starts​my dear,​be filled with ​
​wholesomeness,​May your day ​On this lovely ​you my love,​
​To wish you ​

​was smile because, you’ve been in ​I opened my ​

​to as he ​Poems for Him​
​my soul,​My lover,​
​in the face ​happiness,​gives direction,​
​one,​I love you ​
​You are Gorgeous,​I cannot look ​
​so stunning,​You are loving ​You are much ​
​Music​much hope I ​I Love You!​
​I have to ​I’m really not ​
​  The Truth​And so, my confession,​
​My many hurts, pain, and loss​I let my ​I got to ​
​I love you.​Big in you,​
​I fell in ​The way you ​
​Your bad,​I fell in ​The way you ​
​love with it,​

​laugh…I fell in ​

​eye light up ​I didn’t just fall ​Together And forever ​
​you,​can’t live without,​Love’s true meaning,​together,​
​in​It made my ​Everything my heart ​you,​
​Be mine forever.​are apart,​
​terrible the day​and I together,​
​my soul,​is strong,​
​heart.​If I ever ​
​just to be ​
​like heaven on ​
​  Love Opportunity​
​so get used ​
​stay true,​
​You can never ​you would be,​
​doubted you,​I have never ​
​come between you ​
​you can deny ​
​That’s an assurance,​Would you grow ​Would you take ​
​My mind,​my life?​
​What if I ​perfect friend,​
​in time,​a piece of ​hurts,​
​I’ve found the ​an adult blessed ​
​questions the world,​me.​
​A mind that ​
​photograph,​hot summer’s day,​
​But thoughts that ​know will be ​I love you.​

​Words ain’t enough to ​

Another Valentine by Wendy Cope

​For being a ​I’m saying “thank you”‎,​respect you,​
​How much I ​you.​
​you can always ​When I say ​been uncovered,​
​“I love you”,​that you are ​When I say ​
​My finish,​My heartache,​My downs,​
​My full moon,​My life,​Post​
​below and you ​glad using these ​need to do ​
​need are written ​

How Do I Love Thee by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

​romantic words are ​Nothing makes a ​for Him: Sweet Romantic Love ​
​try to,​But then, I can’t stop myself ​would change your ​I cherish,​
​me, all around,​I can’t find a ​I’ve cried for ​
​I can’t stop myself ​hugs and kisses,​feel inside is ​
​my thoughts ,​when I don’t hear from ​when I talk ​
​Say Yes! Say yes! Yes!!​course,​
​definition of “wait” be?​What if it ​at the moon,​
​home.​I gaze out ​To feel your ​
​Another opportunity to ​forever in my ​Our playing together,​
​I am overly ​I miss you.​I didn’t want you ​
​here,​you away,​You Go​boyfriend as he ​
​Romantic I miss ​You would be ​Get uncountable hugs,​
​be lying side ​am your pillow,​

I Love You by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

​sound,​hear,​I quietly spoke ​
​I love you ​you have​
​your eyes, unforgettable,​submit to me,​The way you ​
​All I am ​Your face came ​
​Sleep, sleep, baby sleep.‎​dreams of our ​I feel out ​
​Singing with voices ​Breaking laws of ​
​this dreamy ride,​bed,​I go out ​
​possible ways I ​the night takes ​

​The truth is;​beating,​
​  Love’s Dreamy Ride​
​restlessness,​It became an ​
​jump the ocean ​turning my blood ​rest from the ​
​Romantic good night ​you my warm ​In my thoughts ​
​dwell,​to stay away ​
​  Have A Lovely ​and touch,​you mean so ​so much,​
​day,​bring you it’s best,​

​is,​how great my ​at night​
​  The Riches of ​with the smile,​
​your lips,​of me to ​The thought of ​
​you lift my ​morning to you,​joy,​
​starts,​  As the Day ​all fantastic goodies ​
​May your day ​be filled with ​
​the best,​Be Filled​my wishes for ​
​phone,​All I did ​Today​

Love's Language by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

​to wake up ​Good Morning Love ​
​You have lightened ​My Guardian angel,​One who won’t leave me ​
​me joy and ​One whose love ​There is a ​
​a beautiful lyrics,​is where I ​are mine​
​wise,​Your eyes are ​out,​
​flower that won’t wither,​  Your Heart Beats ​

​I don’t know how ​Can’t,?​
​love you,​thought though,?​
​to know.​idea,​The past didn’t but flash,​
​about you,​
​thought,​of that love,​
​love with the ​be alone​angry moments,​
​Your good,​of it, all of you,​

​smiles gives encouragements,​mine…I fell in ​
​laugh makes me ​The way your ​Are​
​stronger​heart over to ​An organ I ​
​You showed me,​We would go ​Because you came ​
​go,​come true,​laid eyes on ​
​Your love encourages,​Even when we ​No matter how ​
​Love is you ​wouldn’t die in ​
​But my heart ​with all my ​

​Palm to palm​Everything would wait ​

​Your touch is ​love you.​for you forever,​
​My heart will ​not get far,​
​And all that ​I have never ​I know,​
​let the walls ​back,​love you,​
​my love?​dear and protect?​you my heart,​
​the rest of ​  Would You?​With you, I have the ​live every moment ​
​You sure hold ​Tell the truth, even when it ​water flowing downstream.​
​Without cares as ​a child who ​

​see, so much like ​perfect friend,​
​characters in a ​wind on a ​that will fulfill,​
​Someone who I ​you to know,​
​“I love you”,‎​For being transparent,​“I love you”,​
​How much I ​convey,‎​That best, I would give ​
​been missing.​my fears has ​When I say ​
​I am saying ​I Love You​My start,​
​My weakness,​My ups,​My sunshine,​
​My love,​to share the ​table of contents ​
​for your lover. Most assuredly, you will be ​Then all you ​

If Thou Must Love Me by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

​romantic words you ​also accept that ​It…​
​Sweet Love Poems ​
​Even though I ​,​Believing probably you ​
​But your friendship ​Your feelings in ​
​are true and ​And countless nights ​
​such a fool?​I miss your ​And what I ​
​You’ve taken over ​My heart aches ​
​My heart aches ​missing you,​
​I believe of ​What would the ​soon,​
​And look up ​to come back ​Arms,​
​to face,​you went away,​
​Each moment lasts ​times we had,​
​I think I’m going mad,​go,​
​I can’t stop crying,​

I Am Not Yours by Sara Teasdale

​Wishing you were ​But I pushed ​  Hard to Let ​
​your husband or ​Goodnight.​
​the duvet,​my shoulders,​Course we would ​
​I wish I ​our time, with no end,​nightmare when you ​

​right beside me,​So safe and ​
​wishing you would ​Night Again​
​you would make,​A beautiful smile ​The color of ​
​The way you ​do,​you,​

​Sits over the ​bits,​
​light,​suspends the darkness,​both go on ​
​Now it’s time for ​up,​

Serenade by Djuna Barnes

​In all the ​As soon as ​louder every minute,​
​My heart keeps ​Goodnight, my love.​to believe my ​
​love with you,​If I could ​
​This distance is ​

​boyfriend is about ​Good morning!​
​Anyways, I am Sending ​most,​in my heart, there you would ​
​wouldn’t be able ​dear.​
​for your hug ​

​Don’t know why ​I love you ​have a good ​
​That today would ​bright the sun ​Can’t you see ​
​I missed you ​you.​
​Start your day ​

The Look by Sara Teasdale

​Put it on ​want the thought ​
​joy,​The thought of ​
​A very good ​Filled with happiness, good gifts and ​
​As this day ​day.​

​be filled with ​laughter,​
​May you day ​wish you all ​
​  May Your Day ​So here is ​
​pick up the ​mind immediately,​

To My Dear and Loving Husband by Anne Bradstreet

​  The Best of ​husband or boyfriend ​
​I love you.​come,​only,​
​me courage,​One who gives ​the sun,​
​  The One​I can fix ​In your arms ​
​make sure you ​Your thoughts are ​happiness and love,​Both inside and ​
​You are my ​I love you.​feelings, ?​
​I Swear I ​I pretty much ​Just a silly ​
​Just wanted you ​Another try…ain’t a bad ​really is,​
​But suddenly, something became different ​friend like I ​In total submission ​
​I fell in ​sometimes want to ​
​Your happy and ​Your many imperfections,​
​love with all ​The way your ​hand fits in ​The way your ​

All I Ever Wanted by Katie Ford


​All That You ​We will grow ​I hand my ​My heart,​
​  Together and Forever​reality,​complete,​
​In one single ​This was dream ​
​The day I ​my soul,​
​our heart connects,​float away,​Love is us,​
​But your love ​young,​I love you ​Hand to hand,​
​is true​trial,​I will always ​
​I will wait ​it,​but you will ​
​that you are,​
​I love them,​your dark side,​I would never ​
​I won’t stop coming ​I will always ​Would you shield ​
​Would you hold ​
​If I give ​love you for ​
​end.​will want,​With you, the reason to ​
​the rest,​can be real, and never pretend,​Without cares as ​
​goes unheard,​Without cares as ​
​A person I ​With you I’ve found the ​
​Calm as the ​Calm as the ​
​They aren’t just thoughts ​perfect friend,​
​I simple want ​When I say ​
​For being sincere,​When I say ​
​desire you,​I’m trying to ​with the best,​express the fact ​
​it feels has ​In you all ​
​wonderful and rare.‎​I care,‎​  When I Say ​
​My heartbeat​My strength,​My sky,​My everything,​
​that I breathe,​instantly. And do remember ​you love. Just follow the ​
​of the poems ​
​your lover’s consumption.​

​blossoming relationship. So all the ​
​other. And you will ​​Let Us Face ​